29 April 2014


Cambridge, UK
Continuing with the different aspects we have to take into account when deciding to study abroad, now lets go deeper into the second one we mentioned in the previous post...“the Location”

Ok, So we already know the program we will study. Now...Out of all the decisions we have to make in the process of studying abroad; This one, is perhaps the most fun to do!… My advice… Chose that place where you have always wanted to go!, If possible…

Show the world and show yourself who you are and who you have always wanted to be by carefully select the location that will be your "home"... 
This time of your life you will spend it abroad studying and most likely, it is for a limited period of time….it will finish! So don’t be afraid of dreaming big about it and experience the life you always felt attracted to when watching movies, reading books or hearing other´s adventures. 

Have you ever picture yourself Surfing in Australian  or Californian beaches after class accompanied by the sunset?, What about drinking French wine in a little corner bistro with your classmates, or have you ever dreamed of climbing mountains or taking part of   extreme sports in New Zealand or Southafrica´s most exiting places during the weekends? or how about riding a nice vintage bike to school?... It’s all possible!
The world is right there, full of different flavours for you to taste…. So analyse well and dream big when deciding where to go.

Although this time you spend abroad studying might be a very demanding experience full of tight class/library/seminars/group meetings/work schedules, its also that time of your life where you will get to see the world from a different perspective, one that you could never have gotten in your hometown… And perhaps, you will have the chance to enjoy that student lifestyle you haven’t had for so long… So, make sure you will do it in a place you will enjoy to see, happily get to know and gladly live in.

Culture, budget, food, visa restrictions, work permits, living costs, transportation systems, language, Accent, History, Lifestyle and Weather, are just some of the factors that are directly related with the location you choose. So believe me, It’s worth researching before making the decision. Don’t just go somewhere because it’s the cliché, its where everyone goes to or someone said you should. Be critic about it!

Sometimes, the program you chose (the previous step) could limit your options. Lets say you decide to study a French language program…. Basically you have two main options: France or Canada. It may seem a bit narrow but still you can make the most out of these two options by asking yourself questions about the things I just pointed: In your knowledge of French… What accent do you like the most? Being your nationality, what are the visa restrictions for each one of them? Would you go to a little city in the south of France where you can visit local markets on Sundays and relax on the beach during the summer? Or do you prefer an international, cosmopolitan vibrating city as Montreal where you can enjoy a busy nightlife and cultural diversity?

After I made the first decision of studying a Masters degree abroad, then the location question mark came along and I CHOSE CAMBRIDGE, UK...How?, Why? Firstly, I needed an English speaking country (Well, that is what I wanted) because it was the language I was fluent in besides Spanish; I wanted to practice it, improve it and also wanted to learn the business English professional terminology. Then the whole world came down to options like Australia, United States, Canada, New Zealand and UK…. That’s when I realized I wanted to go somewhere I could be able to work legally, at least for a part time job to help me with the living expenses and somewhere I had never been before…. Which left me with the UK as an option. Then, I had to choose the city, somewhere I could adjust easily but still not too far from the big city, London, for when I needed some more action…  Somewhere I could easily feel at home and ride a bike to go anywhere...Cambridge is all that!

So, Where will you live your dream?


  1. Que tesa es mi hermanita, me encanta como escribes.. Y me encanta que seas feliz

  2. I like to read your blog, it is very interesting. You are lucky to have the opportunity to travel and study in Cambridge