2 April 2014


Skydiving in Sidney, Australia
French cuisine class in Grenoble, France

I AM INLOVE WITH TRAVELING.. But, Who is not? Perhaps, the majority of people share this desire.. Some with a higher interest than others but we all reading this blog love to experience the new, the unseen to our eyes, the undiscovered...  There are many other traveling blogs out there and as a start I will clarify that I am not the absolute expert and still have a lot of travelearning ahead of me to be done... So, Why am I writing about this? Just because it is my biggest passion, and will love to tell you all the useful information I know from my own experience not only  as a travelearner but as a international education advisor, which was my role for 4 years in a Colombian based Company. 

As a Travelearner, Im currently a 26 Years old Master Student in Cambridge, UK. Learned  to dance ballet in Boston at the age of 4, graduated from High school exchange year in  Mississippi, USA during 2005. Worked and Travelled around Australia and New Zealand in 2010 for a month. Studied a Summer diploma in Grenoble, France. Learned Portuguese in Colombia and have been a low budget tourism traveller around USA, and more than 20 countries in Europe and SouthAmerica. 

As you can see.. Its not much, Its not little but I declare myself a complete travel passionate, culture curious and very keen in languages... 


  1. The best wishes with you blog, It looks interesting

  2. Congrats crazy girla :p this blog is amazing tell your tutors there´s no way u gonna miss that subjet :)