8 April 2014


There are several reasons to pack your bags and go see the world.. Even a small town near your city for the weekend, 3 months learning a language in a different country or a gap year traveling all over the 5 continents...  No matter the type of trip you undertake, it will bring rewarding experiences and positive outcomes, it will be worth the effort...ALWAYS... It could be improving your self-confidence, getting to know yourself, bounding time with your partner, making your CV look better, eye tearing landscapes,  decision maker motor, scape from reality or even finding out your hidden skills... Out of all good things traveling brings to your life, there is one that will always remain in your heart: THE PEOPLE, the locals, the other travellers, the new family you make, the lovers, the roommates  the teachers, the reader next to you in the park, the old man waiting the bus next to you, the hostel receptionist, your host family,  the barman in the bar. It is amazing how much you can learn from all the people you will meet, not only for the sake of meeting new people but for the fact that you will get to know different points of view, different perspectives of life, different ways to do things and think... Which can not be possible if you stay at home with your loved ones, which is also great! But the people you meet while travelling will teach you the beauty of diversity and it will broad your thoughts, your interests... On my personal experience, I can tell you about Alina, my German roommate in Mississippi 9 years ago... We shared a funny colourful bump bed... She liked Rock and I liked Reggaeton, She loved Spanish and I wanted to learn German, She would take a shower before me because I was always so lazy to wake up the first and She always reminded me of how much I was worth when I was crying for my highschool sweetheart... We were both eating machines and got drunk in Nutella at night...I found a second sister when I was not looking for it! She still is my beautiful German Sister.. Just this weekend she flew to London to see me and we spent the most amazing weekend together as if time hasn´t passed!... Now I also have a place to go in Germany!! And someone who will always give me a nice smile and a true advise when I need it... I can also tell you about Michel  my Swiss friend I met in Australia who amazed me with his passion for helping others and his curiosity for new cultures....Monty, and American classmate during my summer course in Grenoble, France.. He was always ready to smile and make the most fun out of the most boring moment!... There will always be someone and the nicest thing is that you will always be benefited from it... You will always have places to stay for free in many parts of the world and when you travel to visit them, you will get to see that place as a local!... Also, you will find free language teachers and most importantly.. LIFE MENTORS! 
Alina Visited me in Colombia in 2010


  1. totally agree! great post! it's so amazing how much the people you meet along the way can change your life

  2. Yeah gteat post. I recognize every single word. I made travelling my lifestyle. It never gets old. Everyday is a surprise... we have friends and soulmates alll over the world. We just haven't met them... yet

    1. Yeah... Thank God I went to Mississippi 9 years ago and met you... Such an authentic friend... I feel flattered that you read and liked my post.. Coming from a perfect expert traveler... Send you hugs from UK. And hopefully one day the surprise will be to see you again!

  3. Excellent blog. I love to travel, You can meet great people and learn from each one of them

  4. I love it!! Its a great post and every word of it is true. I'm so blessed that i met you in Mississippi and had you as my wonderful hostsister. I can't wait for more blog entries coming!

  5. Everything is definitely true. Travelling is the best life lesson which brings lots of beautiful thinks.

  6. When you travel you enlarge your tents and you realize there's a world beyond your limits, you also stretch your curtains wide and you can see every single dream could be true!