15 May 2014


Large, majestic, full of life ... this city of 2 million inhabitants is gothic and is romantic.

Today, I wanted to write about this city that is one of the things that comes to my mind when people ask me what city I have liked the most from all my humble traveling journey.
Honestly, I cannot say I have preferred one place over another of all I have visited... I like to think every single city has its own magic, its uniqueness. 

However, Budapest is the closest I can say about favouritism. I was not expecting much from it, but it truly gave me lots of surprises... And I highly recommend to visit if you have the chance. Will be worth it! Why?...
Its great history boasts its beauty without showing off... Budapest has many buildings and streets that remind immediate past behind the Iron Curtain. With a history of glory and pain, between rebellions and deportations; wars and conspiracies, Hungary has failed to finish in transit to modernity. 

Budapest is admired for its monuments, buildings, towers and domes that combines an atmosphere of architectural beauty. Its called the Paris of the East!

The Neighbourhood of the Royal Palace and the Danube together with Andrássy Avenue, have received the title of World Heritage Site of UNESCO. 
Its just breathtaking!! Look at the view.

ME, Amazed! 2011

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