15 May 2014


Running is a sport that has been growing at breathtaking pace during the last 10 years. 

From the 5k to the marathon, Amateur runners are signing up, more and more, to cross the finish line and break what they call their "PB" or "PR"; which stands for personal best or personal record, respectively. And finding a reason for the accelerated growth of this popular sport might be quite easy; in essence, almost everyone can run; you only need a pair of trainers, and that is it, you are ready to hit the road. But is it all you need? How about compression socks, singlets, fueling gels, sun glasses, tights, Vaseline, bands, gps watch, and all the rest of goodies and stuff runners use? Now, just like the consumption of all these, traveling for a race has also been growing, so here are 5 tips if you are willing to race abroad:

- Select your race with enough time in advance; not only to train for the distance, but also to register for the event. Berlin Marathon entries are available almost 11 months before the race and get sold out in a few hours. 
- Now that you know when and where you are running, don't be lacy and book transportation and lodging ASAP. During the last month before Boston Marathon, it was almost impossible to find a room in the city for the race weekend, and if you did, the prices could be 3 times more expensive vs regular prices. 
- Make sure your travel plan is considering to arrive at least 24hrs before the race. Attending to the expo, and picking up you kit is part of these ritual that runners love. 
- If flying to get there, one good thing to do, is to wear compression socks during the flight. You might not feel any difference to regular socks, but keeping a good flow of blood to your muscles will let them recover faster from the pressurized environment of the cabin. 
- Last but not least, don't send your racers (racing shoes) in your registered luggage; keep them in the carry on bag that you are allowed to take. In case your luggage gets misplaced, you will still avoid the not-so-nice experience of running a long distance race with brand new shoes. 

Once a runner sets himself/herself a bigger, or let's call it longer, or faster goal, they will, most of the times, aim for something greater. And they don't mean greater only in terms of record breaking. How about the World's Best 10k (Puerto Rico) in February? NYC or Berlin half in March? A World Marathon Major? Individual greatness is being challenged every weekend on the roads and trails of the world, and behind it, there are thousands of traveling runners ready to do so.

The last weekend I visited Rosario, Argentina for the half marathon (Rosario 21k). Amazing Atmosphere!

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