14 May 2014


When travelling. I have found that the tours I have enjoyed the most are the ones I have done walking. Its the way I get to know a city in its deepest and authentic way...Most of the cities nowadays have these kind of organised guided free walking tours... Wherever you go, Just Google it. The nicest part... Most of them are for free! or tip-based...
Besides that great advantage.. "you give the value that you consider it had", it is also very healthy! And you get to meet people from all around the world 

There are many companies that provide this kind of tours and are usually done every day of the week, with different languages options and are usually about 3 hours long. 

Some recommendations to take into account when participating on a free walking tour are:

- Be prepared for any type of weather. Bring umbrella, sunglasses and use sunblock cream.
- Use comfortable shoes 
- Bring some water with you

And ENJOY!!!

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