11 May 2014


Ok.. This is the last post about "What to take into account when studying abroad".. You are almost set! After you made all those difficult decisions, now it is a fact... You are going to start your course abroad... How do you get there? Of course, depending where you are situated and how far it is from your destination, but  you would usually have to buy flight tickets. Here are some tips that will help you buy the best deal possible:

1. The key, as I have pointed out before is to plan everything with time... This way you would have some room for flexibility, which is the most important factor if you want to get a cheap ticket!

2. You have several options about where you should buy them. It could be online multi-brand browsers (such as,,, I would encourage you to first of all, use them all! or at least 3 of them. This way you can actually see everything that the market has to offer in terms of airlines, schedules, number of stops and prices for the trip you are looking for. 

3. Going directly to the airline site sometime works better, so after you find the itinerary you liked using the option above, you may try directly with the airline, which sometimes turns out to be even cheaper, specially for non stop flights

4. Try tricking the system by changing currencies, dates, or airports within the same city or cities closeby. 

5. Be creative! Sometimes combining transportation means might result in big savings. So you may mix airplain tickets+train+bus.

6. Subscribe to newsletters! I know... It can be annoying and Personally, I try to avoid it as much as I can, but in this case, its worth it!! You  may be having privileged, last minute information that can make your journey end up being much cheaper!

7. Forget about the weekend!! Definitely flying on  a tuesday or Wednesday will be much cheaper than doing it the weekend days. Also, take into account the holidays and seasons, for example christmas, new year or Easter are dates in which usually plain tickets are more expensive.

Now, we have finished every aspect to take into account when traveling abroad for academic purposes. Still there are many elements we were not able to explain better but if you want further information, please never hesitate to contact me!!

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