15 May 2014


Today, I was in the border between Argentina and Chile. Visiting the Aconcagua:

The Aconcagua Provincial Park is 185 km. of the city of Mendoza, near the Chilean border. Here is the highest mountain in the Americas, Aconcagua, 6,962 m. It is an icon of world mountaineering visited every year by lovers of trekking, mountain climbing and ecotourists in general.

Trekking is one of the most important activities within the park. There are numerous trails for trekking inside the park
When starting any journey, it is important to consider the height. A quick ascent can cause mountain sickness (nausea, headache that does not go away with aspirin, insomnia, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, dizziness, etc..).
The area has some breathtaking views. If you have the opportunity, THIS IS A MUST in SouthAmérica.

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