6 May 2014


Are you an Adventurer and a Extreme sports passionate?

Continuing with the topic of Where will you live your dream, Today´s post will help you feed all that adrenaline you have going on even its hidden somewhere very deep inside your soul....  Today we will speak of Australia, not only because It is a destination with a great offer of extreme activities set up for you, but also because of the diversity of things to do they offer... So, Australia will be the destination I would recommend for this kind of trip... Start preparing  to go and see the dramatic landscape of the world:


Why? Only because of the Great Barrier Reef, you will already have a huge load of guaranteed adventure. To get there you will have to take a boat ride from Cairns and once you are there, the world of possibilities regarding adventure is endless. Scuba, skydiving and even feeding sharks! . Also in many other Australian cities you can always book trips to go Skydiving, Bungee jumping, hang gilding, windsurfing, kite-boarding, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, rafting, mountain biking, or just take an afternoon to learn how to surf in Bondi beach!

This country is just the paradise for a bit of danger freaks!
Im not the biggest one (as you can see my face on the video) but it seemed for me kind of an obligation to jump off a plain and get into the waves with surfing classes when being in Australia... Totally worth it!!! So, even if you are not the biggest risk taker... Give it a try! Perhaps you become one.

Other places that will be worth taking a look if you have already been to Aussie Land are SouthAfrica, New Zeland, Canada, Scottland and Perú.

Laura Skydiving in Sydney, Australia.
Cant wait to do it again!!!
Sorry for the language the ones who understand what Iam screaming 


  1. I love the extreme sports, Australia and New Zealand are a fantastic places to go to enjoy the extreme sports. FN1