15 May 2014


One of the posts of these week was about walking tours. There is one specific walking tour that is not very cultural or historical... Oh well, you can say it has some cultureness about it.. You get to know the local way of drinking! Its the pub crawls, or bar crawls.. Depending on the city and the culture.

Most of the touristic cities would offer them, and its just a way of having a fun night out, even if you are travelling by yourself... Its fun! And its a wonderful chance to meet new people and explore the best of the nightlife of the city. 

How it works is basically, you meet at a set time in the evening. Usually the starting point is a bar, and the fees include some drinks, or even a T-shirt some times. After you get there, it all flows.. So don't worry! Be prepared for a fun night out and don't plan any early morning trips the next day... You may have to sleep longer after visiting more than 5 bars and a club at the end.

Here, its me attending a pub crawl in Prague, with some Australian girls I met there. As you see, people get very friendly!

And Here, pub crawling in Scotland. Specially testing the beer culture there. 

In a nut shell, the pub crawl is a great way to meet people and fellow travellers, from all over the world while experiencing some of the hottest venues of the city´s nightlife has to offer, discovering its particular music and party culture. 

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